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I'm George Skortsis

and I'm Greek.

      As a Greek I like to express my feelings. There are several ways to do it.
    One is speaking loudly...

Secondly by moving hands...

And Thirdly by Hugging, Kissing and of course Smiling! I'm really lucky because I've discovered a Fourth one... Editing !!!

       I'm really passionate and I give my utmost

for the ones around me and of course for my job.

      Actually editing is not a job for me.

It's a way of lifea way of thinking, a way to stay alive in everyday life.

From the moment that I started expressing my Greek temperament through my editing, the result became unique, as my clients used to say. I like to listen the needs of each customer and to proceed through projects adding my "salt and pepper".


Here in Qatar I'm known as "The Greek" with a keen eye on detail, fast at editing and with

open-minded, fresh ideas for promos. 

I like to see things from a different point of view.

It helps me find solutions, to be creative and happy.


As a Greek I like to spend time with my beautiful wife and my amazing kids, to be with friends, eat, discuss, laugh a lot!!

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